WiFi soon on planes, hopefully.

From the WSJ

Delta won’t discuss results of the free trials. But Delta chief executive Ed Bastian has made it clear he wants to offer free Wi-Fi. “Our goal is to make Wi-Fi free with high-speed quality,” Mr. Bastian said in a Barron’s interview in June. “It will take another year or two to make that happen.”

That’s left other airlines trying to figure how they’ll respond, says Oakleigh Thorne, chief executive of Gogo, which provides Wi-Fi service to about half the airline industry. Some are considering partial free: free email and web surfing, but with video streaming as an added cost, for example.

“All airlines have talked about free at some point. Some of them fear it. Some of them think it’s an opportunity,” Mr. Thorne says.

Let me tell you, it will become free at some point. This is a race to the bottom (from a pricing standpoint), but i can’t imagine how the first movers on this wouldn’t gain market share. 

Glad to see Delta is moving on this and has plans to get it to where it needs to be in a couple years. Seems crazy to me to that we can land rockets on a floating dock, but not offer affordable (or preferably free) WiFi on a plane.

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Buried Alive at Quake Lake